"I am because you are.
You are, I am, we are, and through love I will be, you will be, we will be."

—Pablo Neruda

Candid and Intimate Photographers & videographer

Ciao! We are Sara and Mattia

partners in life and business, providing photography and videography for couples getting married in Italy. We like the simple and beautiful things in life. We love to capture beauty with a genuine and refined style. Our reportage is spontaneous, candid and unconventional; without artificial poses and forced situations. Together and combining our personalities we carry out our work with passion and dedication. Working with us is an effortless & relaxed experience.

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The Team


Photographer capturing moments in Italy

Sara's upbringing in the enchanting backdrop of Rome's archaeological and artistic wonders ignited her passion for artistry and photography. She pursued her interest by studying photography at the European Institute of Design, where she had the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals. This period of apprenticeship enriched her skills across various domains, from mastering lighting and composition to perfecting posing techniques and color manipulation. After immersing herself in Milan's vibrant fashion industry, Sara's interest gradually shifted towards love stories. Driven by a longing for independence, exploration, and a deeper artistic calling, she embarked on a new journey as a wedding photographer. This transition allowed Sara to merge her expertise in capturing the essence of romance with a profound artistic vision, both in documenting weddings and creating captivating editorials.


photographer, Video maker
Videomaker capturing weddings in Italy

Mattia, before co-founding S&M Weddings studio alongside Sara, spent several years collaborating with esteemed wedding studios in Italy. Renowned for his reportage-style approach, he garnered recognition for his ability to seamlessly blend into the background while capturing candid moments. Quiet and unobtrusive, Mattia specializes in managing the technical and documentary aspects of the couple's journey. From capturing breathtaking aerial drone shots to immortalizing your love story through captivating videos, he ensures a seamless and indispensable presence to preserve your most cherished moments. When he's not behind the lens, you'll often find Mattia at his Chess Club, ever-ready for a spirited game.

Life is made up of people, moments and emotions to remember ..

We want you to be able to keep all your memories and remember them clearly and vividly as if they happened yesterday. But time plays tricks and our memory becomes blurry. That's why we approached photography.

We needed a way to save all the beautiful days, travels and moments we spend with the people we love.

We want to share this precious gift with you. Help you preserve your memory. So as to share these good memories and stories with your children and grandchildren. Tell them how it all started and what life was like then. Believe us, these photos and films will be your most cherished possessions!

Capture the magic of your special day with our expert wedding photography services in Italy

Let's get to know each other

Thank you for your trust and unwavering support in considering us to accompany you on your iconic wedding day. We want your wedding memories to be as unigue, enchanting, and authentic as you are. We wish to create picture-perfect content for you to cherish for years to come. We would be very happy to schedule a meeting with you via video call or see you in person to discuss your dream wedding vision, ideas, and wishes. We take timeless, intimate, dreamy photographs you'll treasure forever.

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